Fortress Investment Group is a diversified investment company located in New York, with an extensive portfolio of successful investment managements and a large number of satisfied customers who grew their finances with the help of the company.

Fortress Investment Group is growing more and more every day, currently having more than $40 billion in assets under management. The company also has over 1,750 clients and investors under their wings. These impressive numbers, however, are the work of the leaders and managers of the firm, who have expanded it and succeeded in transforming the firm into an investment juggernaut.

One such leader, who became the managing director of the corporation, was Gareth Henry. Gareth was very fond of mathematics and financial administration, having studied the subject at the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland. There, he realized that he wanted to work with investments and help clients organize their investment portfolios and effectively manage their finances.

Gareth Henry had an impressive career path and his positions acknowledge the extreme competence with financial administration that he has. He is in touch with all sorts of investments, from real estate to equity. He is currently the Global Head of Investor Relations and is a representative of a number of investment managers across the territory of the U.S. The Global Head was also Director of Strategic Solutions for the firm Schroders plc, where he furthered his knowledge about financial planning and strategies.

Not many investment managers have the impressive career of Gareth Henry, nor his natural competence with numbers, financial administration, and investments. He is a true mathematician of the investment industry, and has contributed with comprehensive data to every company he worked with throughout his path.

Gareth Henry is very passionate about his occupation. According to Gareth himself, he owns most of his successes and achievements to how enthusiastic he is with his job. It is much easier to work hard if you love what you do, and Gareth, since he studied actuarial mathematics as a graduate. Gareth is optimistic about the future of the investment industry. He advises any professional in the area to actively seek opportunities to further grow in their careers.

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Paul Mampilly is an investment expert who has managed multi-million dollar accounts for many different companies. He served as a hedge fund manager on Wall Street for many years but tired of making the wealthy wealthier. At the age of 42, he decided to semi-retire and chose Banyan Hill Publishing as the company he would write for in order to enlighten average investors. Mampilly has recently been letting investors know that the millennial generation is one that will very likely desire food catering. The reason for this is that many millennials grew up in one-parent homes where they weren’t taught how to cook.

Paul Mampilly always relies on facts over opinions and has pointed out that the millennial generation is spending over $50 a week to eat out. Many millennials are now becoming parents, and they are looking for easy ways to serve food to their families. There are companies like Blue Apron who are delivering meal packages that have all of the ingredients needed to cook a good meal. There are also other companies who are providing healthier options, which are already prepared and ready to go. Some new companies are taking this a step further and delivering meals based on specific dietary needs.

Paul Mampilly is also recommending that investors take a closer look at precision medicine, which is becoming more and more popular. The industry uses genetic information related to individual cases and uses that to solve similar cases. This has been allowing physicians to diagnose and treat medical conditions much better and is making treatment options much more personalized. The one-size-fits-all approach of health care is soon to be a thing of the past according to Mampilly, and millennials will be the generation who has first access to this kind of care.

Paul Mampilly wants investors to keep their eyes on the car industry. He is sure that there is about to be a major revolution in the industry and that conventional car companies will be on their way out if they don’t start competing with companies who are offering safer, energy efficient, and innovational cars like Tesla is doing. Mampilly believes that car companies like Tesla are the new Apple and is sure that more millennials will be buying these kinds of cars because they offer a whole lot more than other vehicles.

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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum serves as the Chairman of Orthopaedics at Bronxcare an is an internationally recognized expert in a knee, hip, and shoulder replacements. He is particularly famous in the medical community for developing a particularly minimally invasive knee replacement surgery. This is only one example of the huge technological advancements being made right now in orthopedic technology. Two areas in particular that are being developed to the end of surgery efficacy is 3D technology and robotic technologies.


However, there remains much in the area of orthopedics that is yet to be researched and treatments developed. For instance, effective treatments for chronic osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and post-traumatic arthritis. And these medical maladies are on the increase, having millions of sufferers throughout today’s world. And this market is expected to grow astronomically in the next five years. Two demographics—the elderly and the obese—are the primary groups with these problems, with both of these groups on the decided rise.


The U.S. medical industry is currently leading the world in orthopedic technology. However, Brazil, Japan, China, and India are not that far behind with experts saying all of these countries will most likely close the small gap in the next few years.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum began his venture into this medical area by obtaining his higher education from Brown University, Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, and the Rothman Institute. It was also during these educational years that he studied healthcare delivery management at Harvard Business School. After all of this, for the next several years he founded several different kinds of healthcare businesses. It is in this world that he has made his name known throughout the international medical world in technological, design, process engineering, and operational leadership innovations. He has personally overseen around 500 joint replacement operations.


Matt Badiali is proud of his experience and the outcome of him advising his followers accordingly. He sometimes teaches geology at Duke University as well as the University of North Carolina. He has vast Knowledge of the natural resources, and his mastery of the trends are attributed to his policy of boots on the ground. Matt Badiali has traveled across the globe especially in the oil-producing regions of the world with the aim of knowing how prices of the natural resource are before writing his article. He likes having facts at hand. The interactions that he makes with the CEOs of such large companies have further propelled his career to the greater height, and therefore he is always almost sure about the advice that he gives out.

Recently, he has been seen talking about the Freedom Checks. Matt Badiali’s video about the Freedom Checks has made him go viral and gained more traction as many people are interested in knowing more about the lucrative investment that he is talking about. The United States has drastically decreased its importation of crude oil from the middle east as it is trying to become energy independence soon enough. Therefore, the Free Checks come from the corporates that deal with production, storage, refining and transportation of the oil products in the here in the United States.

Such Companies have invested heavily in the infrastructure, and they have to pay about ninety percent of their income to the investors inform of the Freedom Checks. At the moment in the United States, there are five hundred and fifty-eight companies that give out the monthly and quarterly payments to their investors. But since the companies are treated as the return on capital business ventures, the investors are not allowed to pay the income tax on the companies. Furthermore, if one decides to sell their MLP investment, the profit that is made from the sale will be taxed at a lower fee that the personal income rate. The deal offers additional tax benefits to the investors as well. Last but not least, Matt Badiali is one the best investment adviser.

Steve Ritchie apologizes to his customer base. Steve Ritchie is the Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s, a pizza delivering company with a large number of franchises throughout the country. The reason why Steve Ritchie made his sincere and heartfelt apology to Papa John’s customer was that a couple of racially insensitive comments and statements make by a person inseparably associated with the company came to the public attention. The first of these racially insensitive incidents involve said person using a racial slur during a conference call. The second of these racially insensitive comments and statements involve said person blaming the NFL’s lack of ability to stop its players from protesting during the national anthem for a drop in Papa John’s sales. The apology was dispatched in a letter to all Papa John’s customers.

In his apology, Steve Ritchie assumed the duty of remedying the bad light shown on the company by these racially insensitive comments and statements made by a person inseparably associated with the company. He unequivocally stated that this sort of behavior from an employee would under no circumstances be tolerated by the company and that those views and values are by no means shared by the company, whose members are comprised of 120,000 decent and hardworking persons of the very community in which its customer reside. According to USA Today, Steve Ritchie also stated that the company will undertake to address concerns as to the company’s culture, diversity, and inclusive by hiring outsider auditors to audit those aspects of the company. President and CEO Steve Richie, in addition, stated that the company will send out many members of its senior management executives to their franchises across the nation to listen to the concerns and questions of their employees and franchises. Steve Ritchie concludes his apology by thanking Papa John’s customer for being loyal customers.


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Just recently, OG Juan attained 50 years of age. He decided to celebrate 50th birthday in style. OG Perez Juan, who is a close array of the famous Hip-Hop star Jay-Z choose to round up his birthday celebrations with friends in an extravagant event that became the talk of the town. OG Juan’s celebrity buddy and music god, Jay-Z could not keep his pockets zipped during such an event. It was confirmed that Jay-Z dished out an unbelievable amount of money in the bid to make his friend’s birthday event as colorful as possible. Jay-Z spent an estimated $113,000 on catering for his personal friend’s birthday celebrations extravaganzas.

Juan Perez and Jay-z have been friends for quite a long time. The duo has also been in business partnerships that have helped them to scoop a lot of wealth. OG Juan is the current president of Roc Nation Sports met for the first time with Jay-Z at Roc-A-Fella Records in 1996 through a mutual friend, and since then the two have been friends in both happiness and sorrow. They have achieved a lot together. According to the statistics, the hip-hop rapper has referenced his friend OG Juan a few times in some of his tracks. The duo has a co-owned nightclub and sports lounge in the New York called 40/40. The property is a rave around the city.

Jay-z and OG Juan have a common love for sports entertainment, and it is believed that this could be one of the factors that have cemented their friendship for that long. Their relationship has also yielded the powerhouse called Roc Nation Sports. The duo has always been steadfast to keep the powerhouse’s mission of supporting athletes such as music artists in industry. The duo purposes to focus on the individual needs of every artist and devote to helping them out.

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Waiakea is a bottled-water brand from Hawaii. It is the first volcanic water in the world to be tapped directly from the source. Ryan Emmons is the founder of this brand which was started in 2012. He had a personal experience with the brand of water and felt that it was the best thing he has ever tasted. He knew the experience he had would also rhyme with that of others, and that is how he created this brand.

Waiakea is very honest with its customers, something that should endear even more towards this brand. Unlike other companies which do not reveal the source of water or the process involved in preparing the water, this one has nothing to hide. Everything is done with the full awareness of the processing process to the public. So, where other brands want consumers to believe that indeed they process clean water that is safe for human consumption, it would be good to check with the benchmark set by Waiakea.

A volcanic rock naturally filters Waiakea water. In the process, it collects minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

The Hawaiian water comes from Mauna Loa volcano, prominent natural figure in Hawaii. The mountain is part of the five volcanoes that comprise the island of Hawaii. Hawaii is known for being protective of the environment, and it is one of the best places where one can access a clean environment.

Mauna Loa is one of the highest places above sea level globally. It is also the second largest volcano in the world and very active to date.

The natural process used in purifying the water ensures there is the protection of the environment. Waiakea water has benefits that add value to a person’s health, and that is one of the benefits that are rare to find with other brands. Water should not only be about quenching thirst but adding value to the health of the human beings. If incorporated into daily meals, Waiakea water will add value to the quality of meals.

Waiakea Water is a brand that should be embraced by everyone for the benefit of their bodies.

One of the famous personalities in the banking sector is Anil Chaturvedi, who has devoted around forty years of his life to banking and finance. During this time, he worked with some of the international banks and helped many financial organizations perform objectively and stand out in this competitive sector. One of the expertise of Anil Chaturvedi has been corporate banking for which he is widely known in the banking circles. Anil Chaturvedi has used his experience in the corporate banking to help the companies set their accounts as well as expand their business overseas, which helps them with cutting down costs of operations as well as make huge savings on tax.

Anil Chaturvedi has provided some very insightful tips to his clients on how to invest. It has helped many of his clients to double and in many cases even multiply the value of their initial investments. Anil Chaturvedi started his career as an employee of the State Bank of India but later moved to the U.S. based global financial organizations, which includes ANZ Grindlays Bank and Merrill Lynch. At ANZ Grindlays Bank, Anil Chaturvedi was responsible for handling international business and sales and helped develop, implement as well as conceptualize marketing and business strategies that propelled overall business and revenue growth. At Merrill Lynch, Anil Chaturvedi climbed the ranks and he was inducted at the highly reputed in-house Circle of Champions, which only consisted of the experienced and seasoned financial executives.

Anil Chaturvedi heads Hinduja Bank now as its managing director and has helped in expanding its wealth management and business banking portfolio. The experience of Anil Chaturvedi has been instrumental in getting new accounts from across Europe and providing them with the tips on how to expand their business operations worldwide. As of now, Anil Chaturvedi has focused his attention on helping clients develop business operations in India, which is amongst the fastest growing economies globally. Anil Chaturvedi was born and bought up in Delhi, which is where he completed his education in commerce and business from Delhi University. He is currently based in Switzerland for the last six years.

Clayton Hutson is an entrepreneur in the music industry. He runs a company which helps musicians operate their tours. He has been a tour manager, sound engineer, project manager, gaffer, and more. He built up his skillset working for other businesses before launching his own live entertainment production company in 2008.

He started out working on Billy Graham’s national tours as well as corporate entertainment events. After doing this job for quite a while he was able to break into rock’n’roll which is what Clayton Hutson had always dreamed of. He has now worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry like Kid Rock, Guns’n’Roses, Garbage, and Pink.

He says that a number of his recent gigs have consisted of him filling stage management roles. In this position, he manages the events from the beginning until the end. He is currently on a Kid Rock tour which means that he needs to start each day at 6:30 in the morning. Clayton Hutson says he is the first person to arrive at the concert venue. He starts out by reviewing the day’s schedule and then doing a complete walk-through. His next step is to create a storage plan followed up by figuring out his crew’s to-do list for the day.

One key to efficiency is determining how setting up a concert will affect getting things cleaned up afterward. He says that while the concert is in progress he is already hard at work determining what steps need to be taken to break all of the equipment down and getting it stowed away in trucks. He starts letting everyone on the crew know what they are responsible for so that as soon as the curtain closes they can get to work.

Clayton Hutson says that the rock’n’roll industry is one that is a spectacle. Wowing his clients and the audience is what his job is all about. He keeps up on all of the technological advances in the industry because he enjoys doing so and because if he doesn’t he’ll quickly become obsolete. One thing he is pretty much over, though, is giant video walls. He says focusing on video is part of every tour but it’s really played out. He enjoys artists like Lady Gaga who have moved beyond that and instead have acrobatics, aerial stunts, and other more fresh things as part of their tours.

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The kissaten in Japan are tea and coffee houses that are steeped in tradition and can be found all over the country. The coffee culture in the United States took a stronghold in the past 4 decades and the beginning of this can be traced back to the mid-1960’s. It was a Japanese-American, Satori Kato, and his tea dehydration process, that allowed for tea to become a strong seller in the early 1900’s. Organo Gold, a coffee house in San Francisco, has come into its own and seems to be gaining traction as a very special place where coffee enthusiasts are celebrating enjoyment of coffee, tea and a healthy lifestyle.

In studying the history of coffee in the United States, the first efforts were aimed at making it as popular a drink as possible. The second movement with coffee was of making money on the fact that cups had been landed in the hands of just about all that were interested. Finally, there are coffee shops which are creating an entire experience around the social aspect of enjoying coffee with others.

Organo Gold is a force in the coffee shop space where they are delivering coffee as well as healthful supplements to those with an active lifestyle. They produce a full-line of teas, coffee, and flavored beverages. They are now a supplier of coffee in the Pacific Northwest part of the United States, and in addition to their coffee market saturation, they have made their way into tea and now into personal health with soap, toothpaste and supplements.

The company is 10 years old and has successfully moved into different lines-of-business and other product lines. They distribute around the country and have successfully created a product that they can feel confident in. They have taken a popular commodity and made it even better with their efforts.