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Securus Technologies is a company based in the US. According to the research that I have conducted, the company offers ingenious solutions to solve misconduct issues among inmates. I am pleased to learn that Securus Technologies uses advanced technology to ensure public safety. The company’s head offices are located in Dallas even though it operates in Georgia, Texas, and Carrollton among other places. I am glad to learn about the recent approach taken by Securus Technologies to solve criminal offenses committed by inmates through phone calls.


Robert Johnson’s story gives more reason as to why phone calls should be monitored in prisons. Johnson said that his past experiences motivate him to end offenses committed by inmates through phone calls. I also understood Johnson’s point of argument when he said that the inmates pose security risks to the community when they access phones. According to me, Mr. Roberto gives reliable and accurate information because he has served in corrections for about 15 years. Since he did his job quite well, he was shot by those who disliked him. I felt pity for his wife who was called severally by unknown people who threatened her and her husband. Sean Echols who was in prison before was arrested for attempting to take Johnson’s life away.


Another shocking thing that I learned from Johnson is the number of surgeries that he has undergone so far. He says that he is still in pain even though he is determined to achieve his mission to end crimes committed by inmates through phone calls. A ridiculous thing I also found out from what Johnson says is how inmates led to the murder of a little baby. Johnson says that the killing of the nine-month-old baby was planned by three inmates who called to execute the plan. I find it so unbelievable that inmates can go to such an extent to kill innocent babies. I was impressed to know that Johnson was involved in developing solutions to the problem by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). FCC controls the use of cell phones because it regulates airwaves. I feel at peace now that Johnson serves at Securus Technologies as a consultant.


I am glad that Securus Technologies regularly improves its operation to solve security risks posed by inmates. A good example is a recent move it took to implement the Wireless Containment Solution (WCS). Securus Technologies also introduced a facility that prevents unauthorized contraband cell phones from sharing the same network with other commercial telephones. This further tightens security by blocking access to phone calls made by inmates. According to me, the best thing about this move is that actionable data can be collected and be used to prevent more crimes.


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The Telecommunications industry is an extremely profitable and significant industry in the United States and the rest of the world. one company that has continued to develop a strong network and niche in the industry is Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is a company that is based out of Dallas, Texas and has continued to build a strong list of clients in the law enforcement industry.


While Securus Technologies has historically been a provider of telecommunications and security services to correctional facilities, the company has recently made other acquisitions that will help allow it to grow and develop in other areas as well. Earlier this year, the company announced that it had acquired GovPayNet, which is going to be a great strategic move for the company.


GovPayNet is a leading provider of credit card processing and acceptance services for consumers, businesses, and the federal government. Overall, the organization has more than 2,500 clients and has a huge overall marketshare in the segments that they serve. The purchase of GovPayNet will be a very product one for Securus that is always looking for more ways in which they can expand and meet new clients.


One way that GovPayNet will fit in nicely is by providing Securus with a better and more affordable way to collect credit card payments. Since so many of their customers pay with credit cards today, it will instantly help Securus to save some operating costs. Furthermore, Securus also views GovPayNet as a great way to grow into another business and area. Similar to the base Securus company, GovPayNet has seen a lot of growth over the past decade. This matches up well with Securus that has seen rapid expansion since the company was first founded only about ten years ago. The combined marketing and sales team should now benefit both business lines.

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Securus Technologies is a well-known brand in the public protection industry. The company has been in business for many years. They specialize in public safety, investigation, modern communication and corrections. The company’s latest methods have been used to solve several different matters involving inmate crimes. Securus is based in Dallas Texas and has done work for many different corrections agencies, law enforcement bureaus and public safety organizations around the country. Their services include information management, inmate self-service, communication, bio-metric analysis and public information.


Securus Technologies is rooted in prison technologies. They began business in 1986 and have offices in Atlanta Georgia as well as Texas. Securus has more than a thousand employees who helped serve 2600 contracts with various correctional facilities. They continue to invest in the company’s foundation. Securus spent over 600 million dollars in patents within the past 3 years in order to maintain its place within the industry. The organization acquired Offender Management Systems in 2007, which was the leading brand in the industry up until the purchase.


Securus Technologies developed an innovative system which allows correctional facilities to conduct sensitive business. The program was approved by 5 Department of corrections agencies. They went on to partner with Harris Correction on Cell Phone Defender Technology. This software solution prevents cell phones on the inside of prisons from connect with outside mobile networks.


Securus Technologies eventually acquired JPay Incorporated. JPay specializes in electronic payments, email and entertainment systems for correctional facilities. They were deemed the top organization in the field. Securus was able to add JPay and diversify the overall service package to the clients. At this point the company offers every type of software that a correctional facility needs to run their organization.


Securus Technologies and JPay joined forces in order to expand the reach of each company. Securus had a thorough understanding of JPay’s business model and wanted to offer their resources, which would let them continue to develop there business model.


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The latest news surrounding Securus Technologies is about customer reviews. Securus handpicked some insightful reviews to display, and in return, we appreciate them listening to our voices and taking it to heart. To summarize the reviews, the reviews mention countless praise for the services provided ranging from response time to software quality.


Two customers mentioned using Securus Technologies during an investigation. This person said, “During the investigation, I called you about the covert alert feature. With this feature and your help, the suspect is in custody.” A second customer says the software was helpful in securing a search warrant for a corrupt staff member. The person was arrested the following day.


Two praised the software used. One appreciated the LBS software, saying, “the technology makes Securus the leading jail phone provider” and “It is enough to continue the partnership with Securus in the future.” The second customer praised the software’s monitoring feature. The person could hear calls ranging from common conversation to suspicious activity. From the suspicious activity, the information became evidence toward criminal prosecution.


Two more praised Securus Technologies for their continued support in correctional facilities. One said, “Our correctional facility used Securus Technologies for a decade, and it’s encouraging to know Securus commits itself to incarceration and public safety.” The other is in love with Securus’ vision. “The current [state] of emerging capabilities enables investigations and prison security improvement. [This goes great with our vision and mindset].”


Reviews like this make Securus Technologies grand. After all, customer satisfaction is the aim for Securus Technologies, and these customer reviews are an outline of what is correct and what is incorrect. We hope Securus continues to listen to customer feedback. This response is the main solution toward sustainable growth.