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Rocketship Education Expands Across the Country As A Result Of Its Competency

Rocketship Education is expanding its schools across the United States, and more students are getting interested in benefiting from the network. With a competent curriculum and integrated learning system, the network has received great support from students and the community at large.

Competent Curriculum

Rocket Education developed a curriculum that does not only enhance student learning but also improves the performance of teachers. Also referred to as green learning, the curriculum supports student engagement in school activities including full participation in the classroom. With the students and teachers expected to hold their lessons for up to 8 hours a day, the network believes that students can satisfactorily learn each day as they also integrate environmental and school experience in their learning. This has dramatically impacted the school’s leadership talents.

It’s Well-Received Computerized Learning

Rocketship Education understands that the world is changing, and with the rising trend of computerized learning, the network has adopted emerging learning techniques. Recently, the schools within the network began recruiting graduates from top schools who know about online learning to implement the same in the current education system. This has not only improved the performance of hardest-to-educate children but has also increased their interest in learning. It is even more encouraging that the school network utilizes the most current learning tools. Google announced in 2013 that Rocketship Education is among its clients who use Chromebook, a new affordable laptop for learning. In 2013 alone, the network ordered 1,100 Chromebooks. The learning tools have a cloud-based e-mail which enhances storage of learning materials thereby improving productivity in learning.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education refers to the network of K-5 charter public learning institutions which aim at serving the low-income students. The network uses targeted tutoring, traditional learning systems, and adaptive technology to ensure that students get limitless education experience. The network has expanded in many states including New Orleans where it has eight schools. Rocketship has also added some schools in Alum Rock and Tennessee, and Nashville and further plans to add at least two schools every year. This would mean that more students from the low-income areas will continue getting the opportunity to learn just like their counterparts from the wealthy families. Rocketship Education believes that a transformative education system ensures all teaching staff is empowered, parents get engaged, and the overall community inspired; this has supported its objectives.