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On both side of the aisle, there has been an increasing interest in the concept of school choice among younger school-aged children. While originally considered a Republican ideal, there are more Democrats who have become open to the idea of school choice. It is because of this that Betsy DeVos believes that her campaign to increase awareness of the school choice market will also solidify an age of unification when it comes to educational standards. She wants what is best for the American youth, which is something that has been expressed by both Republicans and Democrats.


In fact, as the education system continues to decline on a global scale, more people from both parties have expressed the desire to overhaul the system. The problem, Betsy DeVos tells Philanthropy Roundtable, is that the public-school system has not been challenged for many years. They’ve reached a state of complacency and they do not work to change, simply to maintain. While this may get them by when it comes to their student populations, it’s not going to be a good exercise for increasing the overall performance of the national education system. The international partnerships and collaborations present within the school system have only served to show how far behind American schoolchildren have become. Betsy DeVos believes that the only answer to this problem is to increase funding and attendance into school choice programs.


One of the major themes of the public-school system is that their student population is virtually ensured. They do not have to worry about students choosing to go other places, because most parents do not understand that there is a choice available to them. Because of this they sometimes operate in substandard ways, simply working to get by. By introducing a little bit of capitalism into the education system, public school systems will feel the squeeze to do better and attract more talent to their schools. In another way, these school choice systems will allow students to have access to better educational standards because they have worked hard to attract different students. In essence, the public-school system has a monopoly on education.


Philanthropy Roundtable wanted to discuss some of the reasons that Betsy DeVos believes that this type of program will help save the education system. Betsy DeVos explains that on many occasions she had been exposed to parents who would do anything to provide their children with better education, it was then that she understands how important these problems had become. Now, she has become a major advocate for school choice and her home state of Michigan is one of the biggest proponents of these type of programs. She has seen other states like Louisiana, Florida, and Illinois follow suit and remains encouraged that this will be a continuing pattern in the future. Parents will find that the options available to them through the school choice system will give them a greater control over their children’s future, something that is the most important to Betsy DeVos and her dedicated staff.


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The Trump Administration is going to go down in history for a number of different reasons. Perhaps most of all, President Trump will be remembered and acknowledged for willingly bucking convention and turning away from establishment politics as usual. Part of President Trump’s promise to ‘drain the swamp’ entailed filling his cabinet with high-level professionals who would otherwise not have had a chance to work with the government. Betsy DeVos has spent her entire life working in the private sector to try and influence the state of education within the United States of America. Now, DeVos has a chance to render change throughout the entire United States as she was recently named the Secretary of Education and leader at the Department of Education.


Betsy DeVos will be taking up her position in the Department of Education with a ton of energy being expended to push against her. DeVos was narrowly confirmed by the Senate, requiring a tie-breaking vote to be cast by the Vice President, but she was still able to take office. DeVos was selected by President Trump to head the Department of Education thanks to her years of service trying to make conservative education reform a stalwart of the right’s political platform.


DeVos was born and raised in Michigan and it was there that she spent her formative years as an adult trying to sway the state of education in the country. Betsy DeVos ascribes to the same concepts that were made popular by Milton Friedman almost fifty years ago. Like Friedman, DeVos believes in the power of school choice and the freedoms that come along with it. Liberty and freedom from government intervention are the backbones of most conservative policies so it only makes sense that DeVos has been able to popularize the school choice movement.


Still, as a newcomer to the political machine, Betsy DeVos will need to be able to push back against the forces that will try to slow her down. Mike Cox is a former state AG and a prominent establishment Republican. Mr. Cox has known Betsy DeVos for a long time and he immediately came out to speak in support of her nomination and subsequent confirmation. Mike Cox pointed out how, in the realm of Michigan politics, Betsy DeVos managed to really put fear into her political rivals thanks to her ‘steely resolve’ and ability to push through any obstacles in order to stick to her ideals.


Betsy DeVos most importantly is a reformer and reformers in high-ranking political positions are known to get things done. Betsy DeVos has the mandate of the President at her back and she has the support of the Republican party behind her. Still, Betsy DeVos isn’t someone who plays politics for the fun of it. DeVos has shown time and again that she is willing to fight for what she believes in even if it goes against party lines. The complexion of DeVos’ life as a politician should bring many people on both sides of the political aisle some level of hope.


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