Clayton Hutson is an entrepreneur in the music industry. He runs a company which helps musicians operate their tours. He has been a tour manager, sound engineer, project manager, gaffer, and more. He built up his skillset working for other businesses before launching his own live entertainment production company in 2008.

He started out working on Billy Graham’s national tours as well as corporate entertainment events. After doing this job for quite a while he was able to break into rock’n’roll which is what Clayton Hutson had always dreamed of. He has now worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry like Kid Rock, Guns’n’Roses, Garbage, and Pink.

He says that a number of his recent gigs have consisted of him filling stage management roles. In this position, he manages the events from the beginning until the end. He is currently on a Kid Rock tour which means that he needs to start each day at 6:30 in the morning. Clayton Hutson says he is the first person to arrive at the concert venue. He starts out by reviewing the day’s schedule and then doing a complete walk-through. His next step is to create a storage plan followed up by figuring out his crew’s to-do list for the day.

One key to efficiency is determining how setting up a concert will affect getting things cleaned up afterward. He says that while the concert is in progress he is already hard at work determining what steps need to be taken to break all of the equipment down and getting it stowed away in trucks. He starts letting everyone on the crew know what they are responsible for so that as soon as the curtain closes they can get to work.

Clayton Hutson says that the rock’n’roll industry is one that is a spectacle. Wowing his clients and the audience is what his job is all about. He keeps up on all of the technological advances in the industry because he enjoys doing so and because if he doesn’t he’ll quickly become obsolete. One thing he is pretty much over, though, is giant video walls. He says focusing on video is part of every tour but it’s really played out. He enjoys artists like Lady Gaga who have moved beyond that and instead have acrobatics, aerial stunts, and other more fresh things as part of their tours.

The Chainsmokers have been considered divergent for a few years now. The New York based EDM duo, enjoyed their first hit single back in 2014. Since then they have continued to remain mainstream. Their music has garnered a loyal following, and has transcended boundaries. From their involvement in the songwriting, to Taggart providing lead vocals, the duo has attempted to set themselves apart from their contemporaries. Still relatively new to the industry, the duo is not slowing down, and continues to push boundaries. Their recent 2018 release “Sick Boy” is a foray in a completely new direction, one the duo believes to be important to their future. This is not the first time they have dared to be different. Back in 2016 the Chainsmokers broke new ground in their single “Closer”. In the song Andrew Taggart took lead vocals, something that EDM DJ’s never really do. Since that point the Chainsmokers have been testing new ground and bridging new directions.


“No one else was doing it,” Pall stated in an interview, recapping the decision to let Taggart take vocals. “So we were like, “Why Not”. According to Pall the group works hard to find their identity, stay abreast of what is going on, and forge ahead new ground. “In order to stay engaged and interesting you have to try new things,” Pall declares. The duo definitely tries new things. In addition to the lead vocals, Taggart and Pall also have a heavy hand in songwriting. Most EDM music is a remix of another artists work, or a collaboration where the DJ’s provide the beat to someone else’s words. The Chainsmokers like to talk to their audience, actually have a story beneath their backbeat. “Sick Boy” is definite proof of that, as the song speaks very clearly about a struggle the artists face. The song focuses on the perils of social media, its dependency, effects, and the horrors of celebrity oversaturation. As with “Closer” Taggart provides the lead vocals. The song feels as though the band is truly speaking to the audience, and is the step both artists want to take.