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Just recently, OG Juan attained 50 years of age. He decided to celebrate 50th birthday in style. OG Perez Juan, who is a close array of the famous Hip-Hop star Jay-Z choose to round up his birthday celebrations with friends in an extravagant event that became the talk of the town. OG Juan’s celebrity buddy and music god, Jay-Z could not keep his pockets zipped during such an event. It was confirmed that Jay-Z dished out an unbelievable amount of money in the bid to make his friend’s birthday event as colorful as possible. Jay-Z spent an estimated $113,000 on catering for his personal friend’s birthday celebrations extravaganzas.

Juan Perez and Jay-z have been friends for quite a long time. The duo has also been in business partnerships that have helped them to scoop a lot of wealth. OG Juan is the current president of Roc Nation Sports met for the first time with Jay-Z at Roc-A-Fella Records in 1996 through a mutual friend, and since then the two have been friends in both happiness and sorrow. They have achieved a lot together. According to the statistics, the hip-hop rapper has referenced his friend OG Juan a few times in some of his tracks. The duo has a co-owned nightclub and sports lounge in the New York called 40/40. The property is a rave around the city.

Jay-z and OG Juan have a common love for sports entertainment, and it is believed that this could be one of the factors that have cemented their friendship for that long. Their relationship has also yielded the powerhouse called Roc Nation Sports. The duo has always been steadfast to keep the powerhouse’s mission of supporting athletes such as music artists in industry. The duo purposes to focus on the individual needs of every artist and devote to helping them out.

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