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You can never count Luiz Carlos Trabuco out in matters banking. Trabuco, who found himself in Bradesco as a young man, has made a career out of banking. Today, Bradesco celebrates Carlos as the man who single-handedly built the company from the bottom up.

Recall, Trabuco, during his debut found Bradesco in a state of disrepair, but unlike other employees, Luiz’s mission was to leave the corporation better than he found it. We cannot say it has been an easy journey for Luiz Carlos Trabuco, but regardless, he has covered the miles diligently.

Bradesco is currently the second largest private bank in Brazil because of Trabuco’s unique management skills. As you can recall, Bradesco in 1969 was a completely different landscape from what it is today. The profit margin at the time was subject to review leave alone the company’s asset distribution.

CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco can now boast about turning the tables around after being able to stabilize the organization to its present state. To say the least, it has taken a man like Carlos to pull off such a stunt. However, all the credit cannot go to Trabuco alone. Mr. Luiz has been working closely with a team of capable men and women, people that have made Trabuco’s stay at Bradesco easy.

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Carlos, after having a successful run as the company’s president, gets set to step down soon. As per the corporation’s traditions, it will be Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s role to choose a successor. Unfortunately, Trabuco is looking to the upright and so he has devolved such a role to the company’s executive.

Luiz expects the executive to choose a successor who will take Bradesco a thousand miles further than he did. Mind you, the successor does not have to come from the corporate circles as has been the norm in the banking situation.

There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel as Bradesco has already found a likable candidate in Octavio de Lazari Junior. You might not know this but Mr. Lazari is one of the youngest in the business yet the most experienced. Therefore, Bradesco feels confident in having Octavio leads its team as Lazari’s energy is what the company needs at the moment to become number one.

Carlos Trabuco who will be downing his tools soon as the president of the company believes in Lazari’s abilities and that is why he has not shunned his endorsement to the organization according to valor.com.br. In truth, Octavio is the young version of Trabuco, only that Lazari is way better.

Leading Bradesco has never been easy and so Octavio will need all the help in the world to make his new company a success. Fortunately, the corporation has more than enough good will in helping Lazari succeed in his endeavors. Bradesco apart from increasing its number of vice presidents has appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the chairman of the board. In a nutshell, a new dawn is coming to Bradesco, a future in which Carlos will still be there to witness.

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