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Kevin Seawright is an accountant by profession. He is currently the Vice President and Chief Financial Advisor of Newark Economic Development Corporation. Kevin attended Almeda University where Kevin graduated with a master’s degree in Accounting.

He has also attended the Notre Dame University, Mendoza School of Business where he has a certification in Executive Leadership. Notre Dame University has heralded Kevin Seawright among the most accomplished achievers from their university. Read more: Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Before joining Newark Economic Development Corporation, Kevin was working at Tito Construction as the vice president for operations and human capital. He has over thirteen years of working experience in the accounting field. He has worked as the Managing Fiscal Officer, and during this period, he created and rolled out a new accounting system.

This system saved the Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement more than 100,000 dollars. This invention opened the door for Kevin Seawright to be chosen as the Payroll Director of Baltimore’s City housing authority.

Kevin’s service at various departments of Baltimore’s City saw him being offered a job as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Education. In his reign at this position, he managed to integrate the public school system with CitiStat. CitiStat is a program used to provide quantitative data used to measure performance. He was involved in this position for six years. It is after this post that he joined Tito Construction.

Seawright comes loaded with hands-on experience, skills and training to Newark Economic Development Corporation having worked at different levels of both private and public organizations.

While working for Tito Construction, he remodeled the accounting department which led to increased revenues. It is, therefore, accurate to say that Newark has an invaluable asset in Kevin’s career path.

When he is not working, Kevin enjoys various personal pursuits. He enjoys baseball, mainly as a sport. This has led Kevin into coaching local youth sports teams. He is also an advisory board member of the Babe Ruth Museum.

He has memberships in the National Association of Black Accountants, American Society for Public Administration and the National Forum for Black Public Administrators.

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