September 14, 2018 · Beauty

Lip balm is not exactly an exciting topic, nor does it offer itself as an exciting product at a glance. At least this was true until Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra got involved in the production of their fast trending line of EOS Lip Balm. Their line of balms, packaged in a vast variety of colored eggs with flavors ranging from Summer Fruit to Vanilla Bean, have flat out annihilated most of the competition, making the banal and mundane run of the mill balms a thing of the past. Recognizing a market most often consumed by women, they sought to bring this useful cosmetic up to a more appealing and satisfying standard.

Focusing first on aesthetics, they envisioned the egg as a breakaway from the regular usage of a stick or pot containers. Then, after researching what women would like in their lip balm products, they conjured some very enticing flavors while being sure to not neglect the other senses. A thoughtful process went into the scent, tactile experience and even the satisfying click one hears when opening the egg. The end result was a completely revamped lip balm bearing little resemblance to what was currently on the market, while introducing itself as one women would find an attractive addition to their cosmetic accessories.

The product has become a brilliantly successful endeavor for Jonanthan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra. With EOS Lip Balms, it goes to show that some brain sweat, a little ingenuity and research can indeed improve upon a product that seemed to reach its limit in creativity. More is more for this lip balm as it continues to offer something different with each new production.

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