Drew Madden is someone who has had a great career in the information technology industry. During his career, he was able to work for numerous companies. While working for a medical company, he learned various aspects of the medical industry. He noticed that costs were increasing rapidly. Few people could afford the medical care that they needed.

As a result, Drew Madden decided to start a company in the medical industry. Although it was difficult for him to raise the capital he needed, he recently left his job in order to run his company.


One of the most difficult parts of starting a business is getting the capital required to implement various business ideas. Drew Madden did not have the cash to pay for all of his business expenses. He tried to get a business loan, but most banks were unwilling to lend him money at a reasonable interest rate.

He decided to pitch his business idea to several investors. He eventually received some working capital from a local investor. He exchanged a percentage of his company in exchange for the capital. In the coming years, Drew Madden wants to raise additional capital in order to fund various projects.

Changing Medical Care

There are numerous issues with the current medical system. Not only are costs increasing, but technology is not used appropriately. One of the best ways to use technology is to help prevent diseases before they actually begin. Preventing a disease is much less expensive than treating a disease. There are many people who are willing to pay for preventive health services.

Drew Madden’s company focuses on helping people live a healthy lifestyle. If people would eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, they would have a much lower risk of developing a major illness. Medical costs are the leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States today. Spending time and money on health can actually save money over a long period of time. Working with Drew Madden is a great decision for anyone who wants to save money on medical costs.

In the recent times, Expansion Therapeutics has been on the forefront raising finances in support for initiating the fight against genetic disorders. One of the major defection include myotonic dystrophy type I. It is also known as DM1. It is one of the causes of muscular dystrophy among adults. In response to this and many others, the company has availed $55.3 million among other funds in the fight against it. It is believed that the symptoms are expressed when the ribonucleic acids reach a toxic level in the body. A group of volunteer individuals and companies accomplishes the financing. They include Novartis Venture Fund, Sanofi Ventures, 5AM Ventures, RA Capital Management, Kleiner Perkins, and Alexandria Venture Investments.


In details, RNAs are DNA molecules that are transferred, and they are then converted into proteins. In case the production of these RNAs reaches lethal levels within the cells, DM1 condition happens. This condition makes all the systems in the body to be defective. The likes of hormonal, respiratory, cardiac, gastrointestinal, and central nervous systems become weak in their functions. The worst result is that this condition is transferrable from one generation to another. It becomes a genetic issue. In the current medical world, the treatment for this condition is yet to be found.


Expansion Therapeutics majors in the creation of medicines that can cure all illnesses related to RNA. Most of its concerns lie in expansion repeat disorders. These disorders are inherited from one generation to another and are seen to respond slowly to medical interventions available. The defective genes cause them. The company takes time to research the Matthew D. Disney laboratory. A wonderful managing partner at 5AM Ventures, Scott Rocklage gave a press release that addressed the matter. Scott went to University of California in Berkeley where he received a degree in Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He later went to Massachusetts Institute of technology and got a Ph.D. in Chemistry. During his times at MIT, Scott Rocklage was deep in research at Richard R. Schrock laboratory. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 in Chemistry. Scott Rocklage joined as a venture partner at 5AM Ventures in 2003 and later on became a managing partner in 2004. Lean more: http://people.equilar.com/bio/scott-rocklage-cidara-therapeutics-/salary/913398#.WWaMA9PytTY

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Planning a special event involves a substantial amount of time, effort, and planning. It can be very helpful to stay organized and to keep a planner and lists. It is a also a good idea to pick a theme and to keep it simple. Stick to your theme. That way you are much less likely to get overwhelmed, and your party or event will look much more put-together. It will also be less confusing and all over the place.


You may want to consider offering a drink bar and even include a specialty concoction on your drink menu. Instead of having large portions and entrées, appetizers are a really great food option. Finish off the evening with some fun favors to send home with your guests and don’t forget to have fun. Your guests will enjoy the party if their host or hostess is not frazzled and stressed out. Be calm and communicate that you have it all under control. Corporate event planners in NYC are a great choice and aid when you are planning a corporate event since it can be a very big event to plan for.


If kids will be attending your function but it is more of an adult get-together, be sure to keep them occupied at a table designated just for them. Be sure to include activities for them to do and to offer kid-friendly food and drink choices.


It is always a good move to send out invites. And invites can communicate your theme and will also give you a good idea of how many guests to expect. It is also a useful tool for relaying information about your party with a personal touch.


Twenty Three Layers will bring your special event to the next level and is sure to be memorable. From corporate events to charitable get-togethers, Twenty Three Layers has it covered.


Twenty Three Layers has access to exclusive establishments, the most in-demand vendors and is s great way to host a stress-free function. They are the go-to event planning company NYC and has experienced event planners, so you don’t have to worry.

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