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Securus Technologies is a well-known brand in the public protection industry. The company has been in business for many years. They specialize in public safety, investigation, modern communication and corrections. The company’s latest methods have been used to solve several different matters involving inmate crimes. Securus is based in Dallas Texas and has done work for many different corrections agencies, law enforcement bureaus and public safety organizations around the country. Their services include information management, inmate self-service, communication, bio-metric analysis and public information.


Securus Technologies is rooted in prison technologies. They began business in 1986 and have offices in Atlanta Georgia as well as Texas. Securus has more than a thousand employees who helped serve 2600 contracts with various correctional facilities. They continue to invest in the company’s foundation. Securus spent over 600 million dollars in patents within the past 3 years in order to maintain its place within the industry. The organization acquired Offender Management Systems in 2007, which was the leading brand in the industry up until the purchase.


Securus Technologies developed an innovative system which allows correctional facilities to conduct sensitive business. The program was approved by 5 Department of corrections agencies. They went on to partner with Harris Correction on Cell Phone Defender Technology. This software solution prevents cell phones on the inside of prisons from connect with outside mobile networks.


Securus Technologies eventually acquired JPay Incorporated. JPay specializes in electronic payments, email and entertainment systems for correctional facilities. They were deemed the top organization in the field. Securus was able to add JPay and diversify the overall service package to the clients. At this point the company offers every type of software that a correctional facility needs to run their organization.


Securus Technologies and JPay joined forces in order to expand the reach of each company. Securus had a thorough understanding of JPay’s business model and wanted to offer their resources, which would let them continue to develop there business model.


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