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Star Cup is a new innovation in Brazilian health management. It is a combination of technology and differentiated treatment with a warm welcome for the patients. This hospital will provide extraordinary surgical treatments to cardiac and neurology patients. The brain behind this extraordinary innovation in entrepreneurship in health management is Jorge Moll Neto. Jorge Moll Neto, president of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (Idor), discovered the first neuroscientist in the world to conclude the relationship between volunteering and health. This discovery leads towards the establishment of huge health empire. Another milestone achieved by Jorge Moll in health science was his experiments using magnetic resonance imaging that indicated that a person who donated to the charities had the same “reward centers” in their brain that has another person who engaged in other pleasurable activities.


Morality is an intricate evolutionary adaptation in human beings. It brings together emotions with abstract social concepts. Jorge Moll gave a new insight into the definition of morality (Moll-lab). He studies the basics of altruism and affiliate emotions. Affiliate emotions are the afflictions that bring people together and identify them not only in their family but on social groups. Moll further described them as the foundation of values.

In his historic speech at the conference of Health, trends, and impacts of hospital management, Moll stated that “idealist in the medicine, I started with equipment. We did in Rio de Janeiro, a large institution of complementary tests, which was something that was missing a lot”. He is not only a certified cardiologist or neurologist but a well-established entrepreneur.


He narrated all this procedure a trajectory of occupying spaces. Moll narrated the services in the healthcare a big human and social responsibility; therefore at the start of the business venture, he even served patients, who give little or nothing to the hospital.


Moll worked in the business of social and moral values. His business mission is to keep the patient loyal through technical and perceived quality. The work and business ethics of the Moll can be a limelight to transform Brazilian health industry.

More about Jorge Moll on Crunchbase and LinkedIn

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