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The duty of a civil, human and migrant advocacy groups to advocate for the rights of the people within its society that may be subject to abuses directed to them for one reason or another. The discrimination of migrants is especially subtle and can be very detrimental to the country if it goes unchecked.

The existence of this organizations and groups that ensure that their rights and freedoms as envisioned by our forefathers who saw the need to treat others as equals and with dignity are upheld are started by individuals with the firm believe for what they stand for.

The Immigrant Legal Resource Center

The ILRC was started as a national resource center works together and that helps train immigration advocates and lawyers on the demands of the immigrations laws and regulations of the country. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

They have also brought in communities that are part of the immigrant society to advocate for the rights of immigrants. They have been able to bridge the gap between local, state and federal advocacy this has led to the ability to impact at all levels of government with their work.

Council on American-Islamic Relations

This is a national group that works on the rights and civil liberties of all Muslims. They are especially vocal against the discrimination and targeting of members of the Muslim community by law enforcement. They have legal expertise and capabilities that ensure that they are able to adequately represent the Muslim community as well as other vulnerable society members.

Families for Freedom

This is a group that is very involved in the fight for families facing the possibility and threat of deportation. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: https://michael-lacey.com/

The deportation of families or members of a family have proved to be very detrimental they have led to the separation of families as well as irreparable emotional damage to children who are at times detained together with their parents on this occasions.

The Advocates for Human Rights

This is a group that fully represents asylum seekers they also advocate for legal reform as well as work helps better integrate newcomers to the country. They are able to achieve these by working with lawyers that offer Pro Bono services to clients of the organization enabling them to give a lot of assistance to numerous cases which they take on.

They have also done a lot of advocacy work and the reform of migrant laws that are deemed to be detrimental and harsh towards immigrants looking for better lives in the country.

The Frontera Fund foundation

A foundation started with a 3.5 million settlement to Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin for their illegal arrest and denial of the first amendment right by Maricopa County’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The fund is geared towards the defense of Hispanic rights and freedoms due to the continued harassment and discrimination, especially by law enforcement. It has worked with several groups that are also very vocal and passionate about the same.

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