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The latest news surrounding Securus Technologies is about customer reviews. Securus handpicked some insightful reviews to display, and in return, we appreciate them listening to our voices and taking it to heart. To summarize the reviews, the reviews mention countless praise for the services provided ranging from response time to software quality.


Two customers mentioned using Securus Technologies during an investigation. This person said, “During the investigation, I called you about the covert alert feature. With this feature and your help, the suspect is in custody.” A second customer says the software was helpful in securing a search warrant for a corrupt staff member. The person was arrested the following day.


Two praised the software used. One appreciated the LBS software, saying, “the technology makes Securus the leading jail phone provider” and “It is enough to continue the partnership with Securus in the future.” The second customer praised the software’s monitoring feature. The person could hear calls ranging from common conversation to suspicious activity. From the suspicious activity, the information became evidence toward criminal prosecution.


Two more praised Securus Technologies for their continued support in correctional facilities. One said, “Our correctional facility used Securus Technologies for a decade, and it’s encouraging to know Securus commits itself to incarceration and public safety.” The other is in love with Securus’ vision. “The current [state] of emerging capabilities enables investigations and prison security improvement. [This goes great with our vision and mindset].”


Reviews like this make Securus Technologies grand. After all, customer satisfaction is the aim for Securus Technologies, and these customer reviews are an outline of what is correct and what is incorrect. We hope Securus continues to listen to customer feedback. This response is the main solution toward sustainable growth.


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  1. Vivian Ryder says:

    For Securus Technologies to be this proud of the work that they have done, I think that they know they trust reviews will be perfect. I think that ozessay would make it more commendable to see the review in the perfect light by looking at the applications in the field actually in action. This in all sense is encouraging from any perspective as a customer or the company.

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